Saturday, October 19, 2013

Codes of Ethics

Two Ideals that are significant in my professional life from National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) are:

1. I-2.7: To share information about each child's education and development with families and to help them understand and appreciate the current knowledge base of the early childhood profession.
(There are many parents and family members who are not aware of early childhood education field. As professionals, we have the explain things to the parents why we do certain things in certain ways. Parents always appreciate the explanation and reasons behind our lessons or activities we do with kids )

2. P-2.15: We shall be familiar with and appropriately refer families to community resources and professional support services. After a referral has been made, we shall follow up to ensure that services have been appropriately provided.
(Just referring to community resources and professional support services to families is not enough, we have to follow up to ensure that the families got help that they needed. In this way, we know that families needs are being met)

One Ideal from DEC Code of Ethics that is significant in my professional life is:

#4 under professional development and preparation: We shall support professionals new to the field by mentoring them in the practice of evidence and ethically based services.
(To have quality professionals serving children and families, it is very crucial to support professionals who are new to the field by mentoring them. We can provide different workshops, trainings, classes to help them be familiar with the field. It is very important to have knowledge besides work experiences. Both practical and theoretical based knowledge about early childhood education are significantly important)
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  1. Hi Lhakpa!
    This week my biggest "Aha" moment was with regards to my need to be more of an advocate for my students and the early childhood profession as a whole. I completely agree with your choices from the code of ethics and also chose 1-27 from the NAEYC Code of Ethics, as my top priority as I know this is an area in my professional life that I would like to improve.

  2. I have really, really enjoyed learning from you this term! You post wonderful pictures that tell a story all on their own. Your thoughts and quotes are unique and intriguing and leave one up for thinking. You have experiences that are beyond me, and I love the values you share. I have learned so much from you and admired the situations you find yourself in. I dream of being able to work with children in countries other than America and making a difference somewhere. You keep me motivated! I really hope to see more of you throughout my courses because I believe that there is so much more that I can gain from you.
    I would beg you to keep posting on this blog. I am following you and would love to continue to follow you adventures.

  3. Awww...Kelly! You made me want to cry. I didn't realize that I could also be able to share some insightful about early childhood. Thank you so much for the kind words. I will keep up my work. Hopefully I can upload more pictures of Nepal and its children :)