Saturday, November 23, 2013

Practicing Awareness of Microaggressions

Microaggressions are:
1. Are brief everyday indignities
2. Maybe verbal behavioral, or environmental
3. Are communicated intentionally or unintentionally.
4. Contains an insulting message.
5.  Often causes severe psychological stress and harm. (Laureate Education, Inc 2011)
Mustang, ancient walled city

Recently, there was an election in my country, Nepal. Even though I don’t have much knowledge about politics and the political parties. Through news media and other internet sources, It was kind of disturbing to read that even in a small country, there are lots of problems arising due to people’s different perspectives and small parties which somehow cause harm to general publics. Relating to this election process, I came across microaggression that some how caused some sort of dilemma and insulted my village and people from my village. Not much to go in detail, there was a comment in Facebook that people from Upper Mustang (place where I am from) have two faces. The hidden message in this specific comment, I think is that they are trying to say that people from Upper Mustang are responsible for selling votes, so that the party we support would win the election. I don’t know how true is this but it definitely hurt people’s feelings and insulted our prestige.
When I knew that I am also part of this of micro-insult, I felt pity for the comment and just wished people are more far sighted and instead being judgmental, they would learn to accept the result and think about what can be done next.

From this week observations, I have learned many things that broaden my knowledge on stereotypes, discrimination and prejudices. From Dr. Sue, I have come to realized that “…Our society has begin to look into moral spiritual connectedness, with each and everyone of us in which we begin to realize that the suppression, oppression of one group oppress me and my groups as well that is where ultimately where our society needs to go…”(Laureate Education, Inc, 2011).
Sue, D, W. Laureate Education, Inc. (2011). Microaggressions in Everyday Life. 


  1. Hi,
    Nice blog.
    I am very sad for bad opinion on Upper Mustang people in occasion of elections. I think that every people chose for good process and good life. Maybe this bad opinion is onlt from som limitated prospective. I wish the best for Nepal.

    1. Hi! Sonia. Thank you for the comment. I also wish that its only from limited prospective.