Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sharing Web Resources 2

I have been following the e-Newsletter of ChildCare Aware of America. The issue of May 14, 2014 has some very useful and current news about early childhood. Under the ChildCare Aware Training Academy section, I found a training program called, “CDA Credential Training for Childcare Center”. This is 120 hours online course and I thought this is important information particularly relevant to my current professional development if I decide to open our family childcare center in near future. I could refer this training to others who are interested in working with children.                    

“Why childcare are so expensive? What are we, or are we not getting from that price?” (Fraga, 2014).  I find it little controversial as why people find it is expensive to spend on their children’s education and do not see the positive part of investment on quality education. It is a different story, if the childcare services are not to that level of expenditure. According to Fraga, 2014, “In the end, we all pay the cost for low investment and low quality for our children, even in health care.” 
On June 23, 2014 The White House, the U.S. Department of Labor, and Center for American Progress will host a summit on working families with a special focus on women and their families (ChildCare Aware of America, 2014). The purpose of the summit will be to explore ways that business can adapt to support working families and identity working families-friendly initiatives that also benefit business and the American economy (ChildCare Aware of America, 2014). It is exciting to learn about this summit and it made my learning from this week more relevant and understandable. This is perfect example how economists, neuroscientists, or politicians support the early childhood fie               


Fraga, L, M. (May 5, 2014). Buzz on Early Childhood is good; progress still needed. Child Care Aware of America, eNews. Retrieved from


  1. Thank you for sharing. That training sounds like it would be really valuable as a tool for people. I really like how you said that you would recommend the training for others who are working in the early childhood field. That is really important for us as professionals to share with other professionals resources that we find to be helpful. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Thankyou for sharing the information. I also found the summit interesting. I have never stopped working during the last 20+ years when I had my first child. I found it very challenging to work full time and take care of children. Fortunately I have the support from mother in law who helps with the taking care of my children. With her, I can focus on my job too. But it is still very hard as time is always limited and there is so much I want to do with my children. I am so glad that government is thinking of such summit. I am sure all working mum do need such conferences so that more people can think of ways to support the families. Early childhood services are particularly important for working mum. it is a place where they can leave the children and go to work feeling relaxed and focused on their work.