Saturday, October 4, 2014

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European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA)

EECERA is an independent, self-governing, international association that promotes and disseminates multi-disciplinary research on early childhood and its applications to policy and practice. EECERA is a leading international contributor to the development of research, policy and practice in the developing field of early childhood (EECERA, 2012).
EECERA has published many journals this year that are early childhood related. Such as Breaking the cycle of poverty: challenges for European early childhood education and care, Learning assessment and equality in Early Childhood Education setting in England, Childcare markets in an age of austerity, and many more. These journals were all published on July 2, 2014. By reading the title of the journals, the contents of the studies seems current and important topic in early childhood education field all over the world.
The Journal of EECERA is one of the most prestigious early childhood journals in the world. The journal is issued five times annually and now in its 22nd year publication.
Each yearly volume of the Association’s Journal comprises four issues and at least one issue per year is a special issue, which focuses on an aspect of early childhood studies. Some of the special issues are Disadvantage and Social Justice (Volume 2, Issue 3), Children’s Perspectives and Participation in research (Volume 19, Issue 3).
EECERA looks to like-minded organizations, institutions and research centers to offer mutual support and information sharing. EECERA does not automatically agree to reciprocal links arrangements. It was interesting to learn how different scholars and publishers from all over the world can come together and share their research studies with each other in one platform like EECERA. I thought EECERA only do research in Europe, but there were also some research studies done in China, which were in EECERA’s publication.

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  1. I did not choose to look into this website so I was interested to hear from someone that did. It seems that while this website is specifically for European research I can also see where it can be beneficial to other countries as well. I think it could be a great resource to see what studies are being done throughout the world!