Saturday, March 26, 2016

Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: National/Federal Level

I have been familiar with NAEYC out my educational journey. This organization is a professional membership that works to promote high-quality early learning for all young children birth through age 8 with high standard quality childhood practice, policy, and research (NAEYC). Beside teaching, I can see myself working with NAEYC as its core value deals with young children. They have different jobs opportunities available and recently there is a position for Quality Assessment Specialist, which I would like to apply in future. This position works for the member of the national team overseeing the process of accreditation for early childhood programs (NAEYC). The required qualifications, knowledge, Abilities and Skills includes minimum bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education, experiences working with children, excellent oral and written communication, computer skills (NAEYC). I meet most of these requirements, however if there are more job opportunities, I would definitely consider in a long term. I like any job that requires fields work and travel, and working with diverse groups. And NAEYC has the room for all the important fields.

The National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP) is one of the nation’s primary public policy centers dedicated in promoting the economic security, health, and well-being of American’s low income families and children (NCCP, 2014). They use research to inform policy and practice with the goal of ensuring positive outcomes for the next generation and promote family-oriented solutions at the state and national levels (NCCP, 2014). It is true that state policies that promote health, education, and strong families can help the early development and school readiness of American’s younger citizens (NCCP, 2014). States make importance decisions about the early care and education services they provide to young children and families. This section of ITO highlights states key policy choices that affect children’s development and parents’ ability to work: 1. Access to children care, including subsidy eligibility levels and reimbursement rates, and 2. States investment in Head Start, Early head Start, prekindergarten, child care centers.
The National Center for Children in Poverty. (2014).  These are the reasons that I chose this organization as they make policies that affect many children who lives under poverty. There are employment opportunities for the perspective individual but currently there is only financial coordinator position available, which I am not interested. Definitely, in future, I will look into the possibilities.

Advocates for Children of New York (AFC) is dedicated to protect every child’s right to an education focusing on students from low-income backgrounds who struggle in school or experiencing school discrimination of any kind (n.d). Advocates for Children of New York also dedicate large portion of their work for immigrant children and families. Advocates for Children of New York offer a wide range of resources such as fact sheets, guides, workshops, and trainings to help families stand up for their children’s education rights (AFC, n.d.). Most of these services and workshops are for public education, which is equally important for immigrant families. Nevertheless there are more needs in the early childhood education sectors for immigrant families as early childhood education programs for important for successful school readiness and other developmental aspects of young children. Advocates of Children of New York assist low-income immigrant families who needs intense assistances by arranging staff of attorneys and education specialists who attends meeting with parents (AFC, n.d.). There are no job opportunities in this organization. However I find this organization very helpful and the resources they provided are valuable and can help me in future needs.


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  1. I love organizations like the National Center for Poverty that focus on America's low income families. There are other international organizations like UNICEF, which is great! But there are so many impoverished children right here in America and I am grateful for national and local organizations who realize that.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your federal and National CoP's. Like you I also listed NAEYC, they just have so many resources for early childhood educators in just about every critical department. Even though our topics are different, the National Association for Education of the Young Child has something for us and for our families. Great job, and I can't wait to read more about your Challenge, your goals and how it will be implemented!