Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Words of Inspiration and Motivation!


“[P]art of being who you are has to do with feeling your feelings, which means you'll have a wide range of emotions--not just constant sunshiny happiness.”
Janet Gonzalez-Mena, Child, Family, and Community: Family-Centered Early Care Education

“The preschool year are the critical, they are the first most fundamental period when children are in fact noticing who they are and are noticing the attitude of the stereotypes and the discomforts…”Louise Derman-Sparks (professor Emeritus Pacific Oak College, CA) 

“I am not here to save the world but I am here to make a difference in the community that I am working.” Raymond Hermandez MS Ed (Executive Director School of Early Childhood Education, University of Southern California)



  1. Hi Lhakpa,
    I like the pictures you showcased on this week's blog post. I also chose the quote from Raymond Hemandez from the media segment. I like when he said that when he sees the difference he makes in the life of one child its like a sparkle that makes it all worthwhile. I feel this way all the time. Sometimes when I'm run down, sick, exhausted, cranky and frustrated I wonder why I am killing myself. Then all at once you see the progress that one of your student's has made. Or you hear a student's joy, love, excitement and wonder and all of a sudden it all makes sense again. What a rewarding and fulfilling career we have!

    1. Ofcourse Rhiannon, we do have the most rewarding career...I believe its true that it takes a special person to be a teacher :)