Friday, May 9, 2014

Establising Professionals Contacts and Expanding Resources

It takes time, lots of researches to make connection with early childhood professionals. I wanted to make connection with Early Childhood Professionals Internationally, but some of the professionals that I wanted to make connections email lists were not upto date, so I chose the alternative choice.
I chose Global Fund for Children: An organization, which provides capital to communities worldwide to improve the lives of children. I always wonder how non-profit organization works and where do they get their fund and people working for these organizations. So, I started by listening to an interview by Maya Ajmera and Victoria Dunning. After listening to Maya Ajmera and her story about going into this field, I am able to relate a lot to her since her expertise and grassroots movement started from Southeast Asian Countries like India, Nepal, Bhutan…Later I researched about Maya Ajmera and found her website, which allowed me to email her. This is her website
Hopefully, I would get hold of her and get an opportunity to learn about different early childhood issues and trends.
While going through different early childhood resources websites, I found difficult to choose one. But keeping in my goal, dream, and future plan, I chose the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies. In near future, I want to open my own child care center in our community in Queens, New York, focusing on immigrant families, I thought this would be a great resource for me learn more about child care resource and referral agencies.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I know it is frustrating to try to reach out and find international contacts. I am actually thinking that what I will do is try UNICEF and also see if I can make contacts with people in the Seventh-day Adventist church and see who responds to me first. That way at least I have several attempts before I give up. I am sorry that you were unable to make the contacts that you wanted to. You will get just as much valuable information with the approach that you took. I applaud you at least trying.

  2. Lhakpa,

    It seems like you had a successful first week! I think you have an amazing dream of opening your own center for families new to the U.S. Although I am a third generation American, my long term dream would be to work with children and families, new to the U.S. and assure they receive the best education and are offered (as well aware) of services available like free or low cost healthcare. After I graduate from Walden I would like to get certified as a Spanish translator. I speak some Spanish, but know that this will be one of the main languages spoken in the U.S. very soon!

  3. I really enjoy the way you related your two resources. I think it is so important that we take time to not only learn through our assignments, but also take time to learn more of what we are curious about and what interests us personally. The funding of non-profits is very interesting and something that needs attention and knowledgable advocates.

  4. Dear Lhakpa
    I have the same experiences as you do when connecting to the professional. I am able to connect to one so far. I was declined three times, also emails are not updated. Maybe we will search direct with university. I have to look for one more too. good luck.