Saturday, November 22, 2014

Who am I as a Communicator?

Communication Measure
Myself (Lhakpa)
My sister
My coworker

Communication Anxiety Inventory
Verbal Aggressiveness Scale
Listening Style Profile
People oriented
People oriented
People oriented

“My communication anxiety level was mild, which indicated that I am I feel a bit uneasy in some communication situations and somewhat more confident in other contexts. Communication does not seem to be something that I worry a great deal about” (Rubin, Palmgreen & Sybher, 2009). It is true that I do not feel 100% confident in communicating when the contexts is not familiar to me. Even my coworker has evaluated that I have mild level of communication anxiety.

My verbal aggressiveness scale indicated that I am moderate, however my coworker’s evaluation scale indicated that my verbal aggressiveness level is significant. This surprised me as it describes me as, “with little provocation, I might cross the line from argumentativeness, which attacks a person’s position or statements, and verbal aggression, which involve personal attacks and can be hurtful to the listener” (Rubin, Palmgreen & Sybher, 2009). It surprised me as I do not feel this way, but at the same time, I understand that at certain situations I might have presented myself in this way. I do not intent to hurt others feelings but sometimes we all hurt others unintentionally. So, it is my goal to be more careful of what I say to others.

At last my listening style shows that I have a people oriented listening styles. This is so important for me as I value others feelings when listening to their stories, even it are of a child. It is important to be an empathetic listener. As an educator, it is important to be an active listener and understand others feelings without being judgmental.


Rubin, R. B., Palmgreen, P., & Sypher, H. E. (Eds.) (2009). Communication research measures: A sourcebook. New York: Routledge.


  1. HI Lhakpa
    I got that too. I don't think the survey was accurate. Why do you think your coworkers may have rated your verbal aggressiveness so high. I was trying to figure it out myself. Also I was thinking verbal aggressiveness could be a positive in that you are willing to address issues and stand up for what you believe. In a scientific world that could be what that means.

  2. Lhakpa,
    I say this without hesitation, it is so amazing how others perceive you and those you have close relation to their perceptions are either on point on have a tendency to be higher than average. I do believe in the Early Childhood field it is very important and a must that we are people oriented I couldn't imagine doing our job adequately if we were anything else! Great post!