Friday, December 5, 2014

Building Trust in a Team...

When I was a residential advisor at the University, I worked with amazing group of residential advisors for a year. Each year, some advisor graduate and some new member join the group. During my first year of residential advisor, I had the opportunity to work with ten different residential advisors and some of them were new like me and some were seniors. We organize different programs for the residents in our perspective building and once a month, we organize a big event for all the residents’ buildings. Our team worked very diligently and each of us committed our time and effort according to our interests. For an example, I would do the marketing part most of the time as other members encouraged that I do better with marketing.
However, every year we have new group of residential advisors and it was different each year. For me the adjourning part of the group I first worked was the most difficult because we were a great team and we got along very well. We had strong team spirit and everyone’s ideas and views were taken into consideration. When things did not go well, the senior residential advisor would put their thoughts and we would generally solve the problem. After adjourning this group, we had different group and it was different. I was a residential advisor for three years and each year we had different group. The first group was the best and the departure was little difficult.

Even in Walden University, every class, I have different group of colleagues. Each group was different. Honestly, since we communicate electronically, I can tell much difference in terms of creating a trust. However, I have learned something new and important from every group. I totally believe it depends on the team leader to create a positive and trusting environment. In this case, it would our professor, Dr. Parrish. She makes learning so important and a dedicated teacher. I would not be much sad with adjourning this group as I feel like I will meet some of my colleague in other classes.


  1. Hi Lhakpa,
    I like how you said that each new group was different each year. You never know what to expect from year to year because of the different people involved. It was great that you all could solve the problems that you encountered, some groups have problems and never get them solved. I, like you, don't think that I will be sad when adjourning from this group because some of the same people have been in many of my classes at Walden.

  2. Lhakpa,
    I agree that learning to build trusting relationships is so vital to working for success. I feel too that the classmates and the instructor make for a good class or a mediocre experience. I have had professors who are wonderfully engaging and make me think and challenge me to do better than I think I can. But others not so much, sort of just sliding by is good enough. I feel like in life we must have the philosophy of doing more then we think we can and that involves trusting ourselves as well. I am happy I have had a great experience with you and the others in my cohort and our professor in this class.